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MW3/WZ - Ravager + AcBlocker - Woofer

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MW3/WZ - Ravager + AcBlocker - Woofer


✅ Works with Shadow Cloud/ - Gaming PC on the Cloud.

✅ Windows 10 Home/Pro & Windows 11 Home/Pro are supported.

✅ Steam & are supported.

✅ Full Controller Input Support.

✅ Cheat Type: Internal.

👻 Fully Stream- & Recording Proof on OBS Broadcaster and Streamlabs.

Key Features

[+] Game colors (rarity) for loot ESP [NEW]

[+] Show contents for loot ESP chests/boxes/etc [NEW]

[+] Scale aimbot FOV based on weapon ADS [NEW]

[+] Built-in Anti-Cheat Blocker & Spoofer

[+] Aimbot (Customizable Aim Enhancement)

[+] PSilent Aim (Server)

[+] Player/Loot ESP

[+] Outlines (Player, Loot, Vehicles)

[+] Unlock All Operators, Guns, Camos, Attachments

[+] 200 Game FOV

[+] Rapid Fire

[+] Adjustable No Recoil

[+] Advanced UAV

[+] Air Stuck

[+] Fast Reload

[+] Infinite Dolphin Dive

[+] Third Person

[+] Bullet Tracers

[+] No Fog

Much more on pictures !

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