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MW3/WZ - GhostClient

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MW3/WZ - GhostClient

The most advanced external cheat for MW3.

This product is completely external to the COD process and do not tamper with the game process or game files in any way. This is the perfect product for person who's want stay safe without getting banned !


✅ Windows 10 Home/Pro & Windows 11 Home/Pro Supported.

✅ Steam & Supported.

✅ Cheat Type: Fully External

👻 Fully Stream- & Recording Proof on all recording and streaming software!

When a cheat is marked as "Undetected" on our status page, it means that you can inject it without being detected by the game's anticheat
That doesn't mean you can push the settings to the max and kill the entire lobby without being banned.
Lunar is focused on closet cheating and security, if you are looking for a cheat to do rage hacking and keep creating accounts, you are not at the right place

Don't forget that there are things we cannot control, like your stats and your playstyle

[+] Humanized Aimbot

Our super flexible aimbot lets you take out enemies like a pro. It's heavily humanized using a variety of mathmatical tricks such Bézier curves, so that it never raises any suspicions. Just pure gaming awesomeness!

🎯 Aimbot

- Save Target Functionality
- Intelligent Visibility Check
- Aimlock Precision
- Humanized Smoothing for Seamless Aim
- Downed Player Exclusion
- Customizable Draw Settings
- Bots Targeting

 👁️ ESP Visualization

- Names Display
- Dynamic Distance Metrics (+/-)
- Detailed Bone Structure Visualization
- Snap Lines for Tactical Awareness
- Adjustable Thickness for Enhanced Visibility
- Diverse Color Customization
- 2D Boxes for Target Clarity
- Armor ESP for Tactical Decision-Making
- Team ID ESP and Bot ESP for Team Coordination

 🛍️  Item Visuals

- Ammo, Cash, and Armor Indicators
- Perks and Crate Identification
- Boxed Insights into Missions
- Grenade, Knife, and Stim Awareness

📡 Tactical Radar Implementation

- Enemy and Friendly Radar Tracking
- Rotatable and Resizable for Customization
- Vibrant Color Options for Quick Recognition

 🎮 Miscellaneous

- Save and Load Custom Settings Effortlessly
- Personalize Keybinds for Intuitive Controls
- Anti Screen Shot Protection for Discreet Operation
- Configurations for Tailored Gameplay
- Full Streamproof Innovation

  Streamsafe Assurance  

Supports BNET & Steam Platforms

External Cheat Magic

Ghost Client

Share your guarantees with your customers.

Premium quality

The best of its class, Lunar is the standard at which all others are measured.

Performance enhancing

Rise to the top of the leaderboards, dominate the competition, impress
your friends. Lunar is just what's needed to push you over the top.