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MW3/WZ - Inferno + AcBlocker - Woofer

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MW3/WZ - Inferno + AcBlocker - Woofer


✅ Windows 10 Home/Pro & Windows 11 Home/Pro Supported.
✅ Steam & Supported.
✅ Full Controller Input Support.
✅ Built-In Spoofer
✅ Cheat Type: Internal

When a cheat is marked as "Undetected" on our status page, it means that you can inject it without being detected by the game's anticheat
That doesn't mean you can push the settings to the max and kill the entire lobby without being banned.
Lunar is focused on closet cheating and security, if you are looking for a cheat to do rage hacking and keep creating accounts, you are not at the right place

Don't forget that there are things we cannot control, like your stats and your playstyle


Key Features

Built-in Anti-Cheat Blocker/Spoofer

Silent Aim

Customizable Aimbot (Soft Aimbot & Rage Aimbot)

Player ESP

Item ESP


Unlock All Items (Operators, Guns, Camos, Attachments etc.) (NO IT IS  NOT SAFE FOR MAIN ACCOUNT!)

Adjustable Game FOV

2D Radar


Force Save (Saves all mastery camos in your loadouts permanently) No FPS loss Fast Updates

and much more !

Ghost Client

Share your guarantees with your customers.

Premium quality

The best of its class, Lunar is the standard at which all others are measured.

Performance enhancing

Rise to the top of the leaderboards, dominate the competition, impress
your friends. Lunar is just what's needed to push you over the top.